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What skill level do you teach?

My personal yoga practice is at intermediate to advance level.  I typically take 1-3 classes per day of a variety of yoga style classes including sculpting, core, vinyasa flow, gentle yoga, intermediate flow, aerial, hot yoga, yin/yang, restorative, and mobility.  Currently I am enhancing my fundamental skills by adding Astunga Yoga ½ primary series classes to weekly rotation.


I feel confident I can teach beginner & intermediate level Hatha & Vinyasa yoga.  Chair, stretch/mobility, core, sculpting, yin/yang, restorative, and aerial are all speciality classes I can or will be able to teach by end of May 2023. 


Upon my recent completion of my RYT500 I will gained additional teaching techniques for advance level both in  yoga asanas and philosophy. 


Education plan?

In March of 2023, I concluded RYT200 hour immersion yoga teacher training at esteemed Heartwood Yoga Institute in Bradenton, FL.  Piggy backed speciality training on chair yoga at the end of the immersion series. 

In late April of 2023 began teacher certification classes for yin yoga.  This class is an elective towards RYT300 hour also taken at Heartwood Yoga Institute in Bradenton.


January of 2024 completed the YTT300 hours of teacher training.  This was conducted in modules at Heartwood Yoga Institute in Bradenton, FL, as well as on line.   Along with Yin the  elective speciality training in:  Yoga for Seniors, Restorative,  Aerial, Workshop & Retreat Planning.


Style of yoga you teach?

Yoga is a series of stretches & poses (asanas) accompanied by breathing ideal for almost anyone despite age or fitness level. 


I arrive to each class with a tentative flow plan.  After reviewing the class participants, I will make adjustments based on skills, injuries or requested areas of focus. 


The classes at Ridgewood Estates 55+ Community is a combination of stretch, flow & balance on chair and/or mat.  The goal is to increase mobility, reduce discomfort, and connect with fellow residents. Several participants have improved their quality of life, ie ability to tie their shoes, walk further, and increased balance after just a weeks of attending class.


Each class begins with a message and intention setting and concludes with a reading.  Occasionally, the class has a theme like love around Valentine’s Day or Connection prior to Snowbirds departure. Music is personally selected to fit the theme or style of yoga.

Do you only teach over 50-year-old students?

I selected the 50+ immersion teacher training so I could enjoy the experience with fellow students who would be relatable in age.  Teacher training is more than just learning poses.  We spend a great deal of time sharing life stories and experiences. 


I do teach classes with students of all ages.  I build a flow allowing for modifications like a buffet line.  The student can select which option they chose by their skill that day.  I remind the students it is their body to extend to stretch but not to pain.


My passion is adapting the class for the over 50 students.  My ultimate goal is to connect with each student and bring value to their day. 


Religious statement?

My classes are not based on a spiritual practice.  I have an understanding and values of the yoga philosophy, Yamas & Niyamas.  This is centered around the mind and body as one. 


At my classes I conclude with hands at heart center, palms together with a statement of mutual appreciation for the participants.


Upon request I can omit references to the philosophy & Namaste from the class entirely. 


Private yoga sessions?

Yes, I offer one-on-one sessions allowing for adapting poses and stretches to individual physical situations. My current rate is $50/hour.


Online yoga?

Working on offering virtual classes.  Please complete the contact form if interested in online classes.  Please include days/times most convenient and level/style of yoga preference.  My goal is to have at least one on-line class per week.


Are you privately insured?

Yes, I am insured with Alliant Insurance for $1M occurrence and $2M Aggregate.  Certificate available upon request.  Addendum insurance also covers for aerial yoga teaching.


Are you a member of Yoga Alliance?

Yes, I am a member of  Yoga Alliance upon completion of my RYT200 (Registered Yoga Teacher with 200 hours of training) and RYT500 (Registered Yoga Teacher with 500 hours of training).  Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organization supporting US yoga schools & instructors.  Offers insurance, maintenance of certifications, hours of employment, standardized teaching protocols benefiting the schools, students and prospective employers. 


Geographic availability?

Summer months will be in southeast Wisconsin(Racine/Kenosha/Pleasant Prairie) 

Fall thru start of Summer will be in Manatee County, Florida


Do you have references?

Studio owners, yoga instructors, students and Heartwood Yoga Institute instructors have offered to provide references upon request. 

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